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Fixed Slogging Ring Nut Spanner And Wrench Imperial

Fixed Slogging Ring Nut Spanner And Wrench Imperial
Metric ring slogging spanner wrenches from 17mm to 180mmExecuted standard: DIN7444Material: 50CRV
Product Details:

Fixed Slogging Ring Nut Spanner and Wrench Imperial

Manufactured from forged and hardened steel with machined drive faces to ensure good contact with the fastener. With flat striking faces to allow hammer blows to be used to loosen or tighten stubborn fasteners.


Surface phosphating, beautiful and anti-rust;

Use thick 50CRV steel to guarantee our ring slogging spanner wrenches with good quality, high hardness and long lasting;

Precision molding with accurate sizes;

Wide using range: 3/4" to 4-5/8"

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