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Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench

Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench
Size: 16-20mm, 25-28mm, 30-32mm, 34-36mm, 40-42mm, 45-50mm, 52-55mm, 58-62mm, 68-75mm, 80-90mm, 95-100mm, 110-115mm, 120-130mm, 135-145mm, 155-165mm, 180-195mm, 205-220mm
Product Details:

Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench

Model of Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench: ST1212

Surface Hardness of Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench: 38-45HRC;

Hook spanner wrench also called face wrench, it is used to disassembly of grooved nuts;

Blackening surface prevent it from rusting;

Large scope of supply: 16-220mm.

Pictures of Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench:

fixed face wrench.jpg

Types of Fixed Hook Spanner Wrench:

According to DIN1810 Standard 

face wrench.jpg

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