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Telescopic Pipe Wrench

Telescopic Pipe Wrench
Model of Telescopic Pipe Wrench : ST0500
Product Details:

Telescopic Pipe Wrench

Model of Telescopic Pipe Wrench : ST0500

Features of Telescopic Pipe Wrench

1.It has unique jaw bite up and down to ensure a strong blessing effect.

2.Both the pliers head and the shank body are forged from CrV alloy material to ensure superior gripping force.

3.Special refueling and long handle design can be used afterburner.

4.Widely used in pipeline construction, oilfield operations and drilling operations.

5.Unique design, no distortion, no break, not easy damaged, retreat easily stuck.

6.Telescopic handle: After a unique heat treatment process quenching, self-wiled, excellent super-torque can be issued early warning, safety performance is good, there will be no sudden fracture phenomenon.

7.Handle: use friendly design, comfortable operation, to prevent the phenomenon of hands-off, safe operation.

Pictures of Telescopic Pipe Wrench

photo of telescopic pipe wrench.jpg

how telescopic pipe wrench work.jpg

Parameters of Telescopic Pipe Wrench


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