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10'' Rap Wrench

10'' Rap Wrench
10" Rap wrench for 1 1/2inch and 48mm pipes
With a falt and smooth surface use as a hammer
Product Details:

Rap Wrench

Model of 10” Rap Wrench: ST0503A

Features of 10” Rap Wrench

1. A deeper and broader hook jaw housing provides a smooth, flat surface that is ideal for occasional use as a hammer.

2. Exceeds Federal Specification No.GGG-651 typeⅡClass A.

3. Material of hook jaw: CrV

4. The thick and wide jaws are machined into a smooth plane that can be used as a hammer.

Pictures of 10” Rap Wrench

crv hook jaw rap wrench.jpg

Parameters of 10” Rap Wrench


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