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6'' Tri-stand Chain Vise

6'' Tri-stand Chain Vise
Chain vise with stand is more stable
Clamping size: 6" (166mm)
Product Details:

6“ Tri-Stand Chain Vise

Tri-Stand chain vise is used in conjunction with threading machine, rolling machine, cutting machine etc. Model of 6” Tri-stand Chain Vise: ST1105

Features of 6” Tri-stand Chain Vise

1. Tri-stand Chain Vise includes integral legs and tray fold in for easy carrying and setup.

2. Large vise base overhangs front legs for clear tool swing. 

3. Casting Aluminum base, lightweight but strong enough.

4. Crank handle is anchored to base.

5. Features a larger work surface.

Pictures of 6” Tri-stand Chain Vise

overall drawing of tri-stand chain vise.jpg

tri-stand chain vise is packed in carton box.jpg

Parameters of 6” Tri-stand Chain Vise

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