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What Are The Tips For Using Wire-cutting Machines?
May 15, 2018

Today, we share with you the topic of wire cutting machine. First of all, small series of simple instructions cutting machine is a category of electrical processing, Lazarinco, a former Soviet Union. In the study of the phenomenon and cause of the corrosion damage of spark discharge, it is found that the instantaneous high temperature of electric spark can cause the local metal to melt and oxidize and be corroded, thus creating and inventing the method of EDM. So, in the process of using wire cutting machine, how can we prolong the service life of the machine tool?

The next small series will give you a brief introduction to 10 tips.

1th: In cutting specimens, in the work can be based on the hardness of rock to adjust feed speed, in the cutting process to adjust feed speed may appear, according to the use of experience cutting hard stone, the speed is generally 40 mm/min.

2nd: Work, first start the main motor, and then press into the button, start cutting, as the rock more irregular shape, at this time the knife speed to slow, to blade blade all into the rock sample, can be a little faster.

3rd: Hold irregular rock, can be clamped with top pressure.

4th: Cutting core samples, such as the number of rocks, can be randomly attached to a long plate pressure on several pieces of rock samples, cutting together to improve work efficiency.

5th: Connect the Power, press the host button, the blade turned to the direction of the arrow.

6th: Cutting Machine automatic retreat knife, when the cutter along the table movement to the terminal, can automatically back to the beginning, and automatically stop moving.

7th: After the installation of the cutting machine, connect the power to check the rotation of the whole machine is flexible, the fasteners are loose.

8th: 1-2 times a week with kerosene into the guide roller bearing to maintain clean and service life.

9th: Special attention should be paid to the careful maintenance of the console device and keep it clean. Dix: operator shall not tamper with electrical components and console devices, found that the problem should be immediately shut down, notify maintenance personnel overhaul.