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Type Of Wrench
May 15, 2018

Wrench is basically divided into two types, wrench and wrench.

The former refers to a fixed number of digits written on the wrench, the latter is the active wrench. 

1. Dull wrench: A fixed size opening at one end or at both ends for screwing a certain size of nut or bolt. 

2.Plum wrench: Both ends have a six-angle hole or 12-hole work end, suitable for small work space, can not use the occasion of ordinary wrenches. 

3.Dual-use wrench: one end of the same with a single head wrench, the other end and the same as the plum wrench, both ends of the same size screw screws or nuts. 

4. Live wrench: Opening width can be adjusted within a certain size range, can be twisted to different specifications of the bolts or nuts.

The wrench is characterized in that the fixed jaw is made of a flat clamp with fine teeth, a flat jaw is made at one end of the movable jaw, and a concave jaw with a fine tooth is made on the other end, and the movable jaw can be quickly removed and the position of the jaw replaced. 

5.Hook-type wrench: Also known as crescent-shaped wrench, used to twist the thickness of the restricted flat nuts and so on. 

6. Sleeve wrench: Commonly known as the sleeve: it is composed of several six-angle hole or 12-hole sleeve with a handle, rod and other accessories, especially suitable for twisting the position is very narrow or sunken very deep bolts or nuts. The sleeve has the metric and the imperial part, although the sleeve concave shape is same, but the outside diameter, the length and so on corresponds to the corresponding equipment shape and the size design, the country does not have the unification stipulation, therefore the sleeve design is relatively nimble, conforms to the populace's need. Sleeve wrenches are generally accompanied by a set of various specifications of the sleeve head and the hand handle, connecting rod, universal joints, rotary fittings, elbow handles, etc. used to cover hex nuts.

The sleeve head of the sleeve wrench is a concave hexagonal cylinder; the wrench is usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel, the wrench head has the specified hardness, and the middle and the handle part is elastic. 

7. HEXAGON wrench: HEXAGON wrench with L-shaped, specially used for turning the hexagon screws.

The model of hexagon wrench is in accordance with the side size of six square, the size of the bolt has national standards.

Uses: for fastening or dismantling machine tools, vehicles, machinery and equipment on the round nut. 

8. Torque Wrench: It can show the torque applied when screwing a bolt or nut, or the light or sound signal will be emitted when the torque applied to the specified value. Torque wrenches are suitable for assembly with a specified torque size.