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The Main Purchase Standard Of Wire Cutting
May 15, 2018

Each product, in the application of the time, there are certain standards, and wire cutting is no exception, then the main standards of wire cutting? Let me introduce you to the next small series. For wire cutting standards There are two main aspects, on the one hand is the use of digital wire cutting intelligent high-frequency database, which is its standard configuration, because of the high frequency of such a database, you can arbitrarily select the processing parameters of the factory.

On the other hand, wire cutting also need to have a good constant tension, high-quality machine tool standards have to have a good line cutting constant tension, you can ensure that the line in the gradual change in time, timely adjustment, can greatly reduce the probability and frequency of broken wire. 

The above content is the main choice of line cutting standards, and the parents have any suggestions, you can contact small series Oh.