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Structure Of Crimping Pliers
May 15, 2018

By the fuel tank, power mechanism, reversing valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil body composition, pump oil body by pump body, high, low pressure oil out of oil hole, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of high-pressure oil pump and a low pressure oil pump composition, oil pump body suspended in the fuel tank cover, high, low pressure oil out oil hole opened in the oil pump body, and pressure relief valve circuit connection, The eccentric axis is arranged vertically, the upper axis is positioned at the center of the oil pump body and the lower end is fixed with eccentric bearing. The driven gear is fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft, connected with the power mechanism, the high and low pressure oil pump is suspended on the oil pump body, each with an eccentric bearing, the pump cavity of the high and low pressure oil pump is communicated with the oil hole of high and low pressure respectively. 

Advantages: The pump oil and power mechanism connected to the vertical connection, can make full use of space and small footprint, is conducive to operations and transport; the pump oil form of high and low pressure oil pump into the action form of eccentric bearing, with simple structure, small parts and convenient assembly.

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