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Application And Technical Characteristics Of Open Spanner
May 15, 2018

The screw is the main fastener in the mechanical equipment, the open plate hand is the machinery profession processing, the production, the maintenance important tool, this project is the traditional hand tool's revolution, it has the following several advantages. 

1.Can work quickly, working faster than the traditional plate hands three to four times times faster than the speed of the work of the board hand. 

2.An open plate hand can be applied to 2-6 kinds of screws, while a double head rigid hand only applies 2 kinds of screws.

An open plate hand is equivalent to 2-3 stiff hands, which is equivalent to a movable plate hand but can work quickly without adjusting the opening. 

3.The service life is long, bad, and the front speed plate hand is easy to spoil. 

4.The manufacturing process is simple and its cost is lower than that of a stiff hand. 

5.Light weight, easy to carry, labor-saving work.