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Type of material for wrenches
May 15, 2018

Wrench material types, usually have 45# medium carbon steel, 40Cr chrome, 50Cr Chrome, 6150 cr-v chromium vanadium, SCM430 Cr-mo CR-Mo Steel, SCM440 cr-mo chromium molybdenum steel, although the steel brand a wide variety, summed up after the district is divided into:

1. Carbon steel--heat treatment of the hardness of HRC 46~52, generally for DIY low-cost style, generally not pay attention to product size accuracy, more rough workmanship.

2. Chromium steel-The upgrade version of carbon steels, heat treatment after the hardness of HRC 48~54, is an entry style, the use of high stability, but also pay attention to dimensional accuracy, but the face of professional users can not fully meet the needs.

3. Chromium vanadium steel-because of the characteristics of the material, has been able to meet the needs of professional users, heat treatment after the hardness of HRC 52~56, this kind of products pay attention to ergonomic design and meet international standards. 

4. Chromium-molybdenum steel-such materials can meet the needs of industry-class users, heat treatment after the hardness of HRC 54~58, product accuracy in full compliance with international standards is the most basic, such products for the high intensity of the use of the environment as a demand.

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