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How to use torque wrench correctly
May 15, 2018

1, according to the required torque value requirements, determine the preset torque value. 

2, the preset torque value, the wrench handle on the lock ring down, while turning the handle, adjust the ruler of the main tick marks and differential tick marks to the required torque value.

After adjusting, loosen the lock ring and lock the handle automatically. 

3, in the wrench-tenon mounted on the corresponding specification sleeve, and put the fastener, and then slowly force on the handle. Forces must be applied in the direction of the indicated arrow. When tightened to the signal "click" (has reached the preset torque value), stop the afterburner.

Once the homework is finished.

4, large size torque wrench when used, can be added to the long sleeve to operate labor-saving. 

5, such as long-term use, adjust the ruler engraved line back to the torque minimum value