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How to solve the problem of short circuit in EDM NC wire cutting?
May 15, 2018

Under the control of digital system, EDM is able to use electrical energy to process workpiece, This is only one method of processing, however, compared with other processing methods, it has its own unique characteristics. Generally in the process of NC machining, inevitably some problems arise, then how should we solve it? Take a short circuit for it, in EDM CNC wire cutting processing, sometimes there will be short circuit, in fact, electrode wire and workpiece contact without discharge cutting phenomenon, poor chip is one of the main causes of short circuit. Therefore, the formulation of processing technology, the need to set a reasonable discharge clearance, wire speed, cutting fluid flow and other parameters, if the process of short circuit phenomenon, you can use the equipment short-circuit back function, the electrode wire out of the short-circuit state, parking in time to clean out the electrical corrosion in the workpiece.