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Development of auto-insurance tools
May 15, 2018

2010 China's auto production and sales of 18.2647 million and 18.0619 million vehicles. As of the end of 2010, the National civilian car holdings reached 90.86 million vehicles, excluding the tricycle and low-speed trucks, such as 78 million vehicles, including private car ownership of 65.39 million, civilian car holdings 40.29 million of which the private car 34.43 million vehicles. The huge amount of car ownership needs a lot of car maintenance and repair services to develop accordingly. In China's existing automobile maintenance enterprises (including motorcycle repair) more than 290,000, according to the Ministry of Communications promulgated the "Car maintenance business conditions" requirements, China currently has 1/4 of the maintenance enterprises did not meet the requirements of the opening conditions, these enterprises in the next one or two years must be equipped with equipment; Some of the original equipment due to technical standards to meet the requirements of a variety of reasons will also face elimination update.

The concern of the auto insurance market is rising rapidly, and the development potential of the market is becoming more and more obvious. With the improvement of automobile technology and the growth of car ownership, the development of automobile maintenance market, especially in recent 10 years, a group of modern enterprises have entered the automobile and insurance equipment industry, began to produce and provide all kinds of professional steam insurance equipment, so that the domestic advanced and modern steam equipment is widely popularized, there are a large number of export abroad, under the guidance of national Policy, Domestic steam and equipment industry presents a thriving development trend. China's steam and equipment after years of expansion, already has a considerable scale and development speed. At present, the company is engaged in the development, production and sales of steam-insurance equipment, about 1500, the annual output value of about 10 billion. China's automobile and insurance equipment industry continued to maintain a prosperous situation, business volume and operating income continued to grow, equipment manufacturers to maintain high-speed growth, the industry's internal business model changes. With the entry of foreign capital, the international competitiveness of the industry continues to improve, market competition is becoming more standardized, brand competition is increasingly fierce.