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Composition and structure of wire-cut machine
May 15, 2018

★ Wire Cutting Machine table: worktable is also called cutting table, it is composed of worktable surface, middle pallet and bottom bracket plate, the worktable is used to install fixture and cut workpiece, and the middle pallet and the lower bracket plate are driven by stepper motor, and the longitudinal and transverse movement of the worktable surface is completed through the ball screw drive of the gear variable speed machine.

The longitudinal and transverse motions of the worktable can be completed manually and automatically. 

★ Walking wire Mechanism: The wire-walking mechanism is mainly composed of the components of the wire-storing cylinder, the walking wire motor and the guide wheel. The Wire storage barrel is mounted on the pallet of the wire, and is driven by the wire-drive motor through the coupling. The positive and negative rotation movement of the filament barrel is passed through the gear to the screw of the storage tube tray, so that the pallet is reciprocating movement.

The electrode wire is installed on the guide wheel and The Wire storage barrel, and the wire is actuated by a certain speed, that is, the silk movement. 

★ Liquid Supply System: The liquid supply system consists of a working liquid box, a hydraulic pump and a nozzle, which provides sufficient and suitable working fluid for the cutting process of the machine tool. Working fluid mainly has mineral oil, emulsion and deionized water.

Its main functions are: the electrode, workpiece and processing chip cooling, resulting in the discharge of the explosion pressure, discharge to the area of ionization and discharge of the product descaling. 

★ Pulse power supply: Pulse power is the energy device that produces pulse current. Wire-cut pulse power supply is one of the most critical equipment which affects the processing parameters of WEDM.

In order to meet the cutting processing conditions and technical indicators, the requirements of the Pulse power supply: A large peak current, pulse width to narrow, to have a higher pulse frequency, wire electrode loss to small, easy to set parameters. 

★ Wire-cutting Machine control system: The whole line cutting process and molybdenum wire trajectory to do digital control, can be in accordance with the ISO format and 3B, 4B format processing instructions for cutting. The function of the machine is mainly decided by the function of the control system.