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Classification of auto-insurance tools
May 15, 2018

Auto-insurance Tool is a series of vehicle maintenance and repair tools, which are categorized as follows:

Tyre repair tool: Cross tyre wrench, tyre vacuum Zui zi hou removal device Engine Repair tools: Spark plug sleeve sets, oil and air conditioning line breaker, Name: Screw type of the Versailles clamp Group, refrigerant pipe joint disassembly and assembly, cap filter wrench, engine belt removal tool, drive wheel disassembly tool, seal RING pick hook set, bolt type Disassembly tool, for tubing and gearbox tubing assembly, T-type universal spark

Plug sleeve, bearing puller, time belt disc disassembly pull horse, cap filter wrench side dual filter wrench, clamp filter wrench ', belt filter wrench, ' piston ring compressor ', piston ring compressor

General Maintenance Tools: Motorcycle Maintenance Kits, bearing separator set

Electrical Maintenance Tools: Luxurious installation of cooling system pressure tester, Flexible pipe clamp Group, automotive pencil 6v/12v/24v, dual-use vehicle test electroprobe, car-specific seven-in-line stripping pliers Chassis Maintenance Tools: Brake system overhaul tools-ball-head puller (small), bar ball-head puller (European standard), Bar ball head puller (day gauge), disc brake regulator, ball head puller (small), connecting rod arm ball head pull off, double fork Ball head separator, ' front of the shock absorber disassembly sleeve, shock absorber demolition Special

Sleeve, coil Spring compressor

Lubrication tools: Hand butter gun hose, universal lithium base grease bomb

Car body warranty Tools: Auto Sheet metal tools, standard sheet Metal Hammer curved surface finishing sheet Metal Hammer, curved sheet metal lined iron, flat sheet metal lined iron, shovel-shaped sheet metal lined iron, wooden handle scraper, screwdriver scraper

Beauty: Cleaning machine, vacuuming, water suction machine, waxing machine, dewatering machine, car washing machine, foam machine, carpet hair dryer. Other commonly used: Jack, caliper, etc.