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Characteristics of bolt Cutters
May 15, 2018

1. The scissors head is made of high quality spring steel, has extremely high hardness and toughness, can cut the hardness to be mixed 2 material

2. Sharp edge, wear resistance, small shear resistance

3. Strong high-strength bolts, with anti-loose nuts, all through special heat treatment

4. The handle chooses DuPont material as the coating layer, the color is bright, durable

5. Handle and scissors head body closely cooperate, solid and reliable

6.PVC Grip Feel Comfortable


1, Forging products

2, small wire special tools, clockwork attached with one hand can easily cut off.

3, the blade forging special steel, because is the lock mechanism attachment, the use is safe, carries conveniently. 

4, cut off material objects: Low carbon steel wire hardness HRB80 the following