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Drop Forged Jaws 3 Arm Mini Gear Puller

Drop Forged Jaws 3 Arm Mini Gear Puller
Work for mini bearing, pinion, gear, shaft etc.
Load capacity: 12kn, 13kn, 20kn
Spread: ≤80mm
Product Details:

Drop forged Jaws 3 Arm Mini Gear Puller

 Mini puller is made by high carbon steel, the jaws are drop forged. There are 3 different type: 12kn, 13kn and 20kn, which is convenient to remove bearing, pinion, gear of small size.

 Min. order Qty.: 50pcs

 Different structures:


          ST0723                        ST0733

Main Parameter:




 Jaw Length





(per package)

Gross Weight


  1#   12   40  60    50  14
  2#   13   65  65    50  16 
  3#   20   80  80    50  18

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