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Ball Joint Splitter Puller Bushing Removal Tool

Ball Joint Splitter Puller Bushing Removal Tool
Desktop ball joint puller;
European type ball joint puller
Product Details:

Ball Joint Splitter Puller Bushing Removal Tool

Tie rod ball joint pitman arm tool kit is used to separate the ball joint from the spindle support arm. It works on many domestic and import front wheel drive vehicles.

- Types: desktop type and European type.
- Material: Chrome-vanadium steel.
- Size: different types for your choice, please see below details.
- Applicable: Universal.
- Indispensable when replacing ball joints.
- Precise and robust puller / pusher.
- High quality workmanship from chromed forged steel.
- Clamping range of up to 55 mm.
- Adjustable for different size ball joints.
- For splitting track-rod ends, anti-roll bar mountings, ball joints, etc.

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