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Auto Motocycle Inner Bearing Puller Remover

Auto Motocycle Inner Bearing Puller Remover
work for bearings of inner diameter:9-23mm
Product Details:

Auto Motocycle 

Inner Bearing Puller Remover


  It is a special tool kit for auto motocycle, is used to remove inner bearing diameter from 9-23mm.


1.50CRV steel made with high hardness;

2.Strong pulling force;

How to Use Inner Bearing Puller:

1.Choose the size of ferrule similar as bearing inner diameter,then put it into inner ring of bearing;

2. Insert screw rod into ferrule, and put a pole into top hole to force, and make 3 legs open up in place. Note: 3 legs must open up in place. Wrong using will lower life of puller;

3.Install in place, then use wrench rotate screw nut, the screw rod will move up until the bearing moves out.

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